Gmail – Social & Promotions Tabs – make them go away

A couple of months ago google added some extra organizing to their gmail.  I am all for trying new things, so I have and now I am clear it is not the right organizing system for me.  In the last couple of weeks I have missed important emails from clients over six times.  I now had five different places I would have to look to find the emails once people alerted me to the fact that I had missed it.  For me that is not improved efficiency, that is just a waste of my time.  How do you remove the gmail tabs if  this organizing system is not right for you?  Follow the steps below


1.  Log into your gmail account on a computer  (see the tabs at the top)


2. Click on the “SETTINGS” icon (left side) and then click on the “SETTINGS” in the drop down.


3. click on the “Inbox” tab and what comes up should look like this.


4. Click in the boxes that say “Social” and “Promotions” – that should remove the check in the boxes

 4-gmail-remove social and promotions tabs copy


5.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “SAVE CHANGES” – once it has saved it should take you back to your gmail inbox and the tabs should be gone.

 5-gmail-remove social and promotions tabs copy


-You may want to clean out all a lot of the stuff in those tabs before you remove them.  Any contents in Social or Promotions will be added to your Inbox.


-If you like the tabs and would like to add other options, you would go about doing that the same way.  Instead of un-checking the boxes in the Inbox you would place checks in the boxes of the tabs you want to add.


Thank you and good luck.


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