Top 20 Organizing Products I Recommend to Clients

Extra Tips for Organizing Student From Last Night

I provided my last Community Education organizing class last evening.  It was entitled: Organizing-Contain Your Home and Closets.  After the class finished I read the reviews from all fourteen students. One of them noted that I did provide many specific examples of products to utilize. This person was hoping for exact suggestions.  I feel bad that I didn’t meet someone’s needs.  She had spent an hour and thirty minutes with me and I value the time she invested in improving her organizing.   The beauty of this day and age is that feedback like this can still be addressed even after the class. Here is a list of the Top 20 products I use most when organizing clients. I will pass them forward through facebook, Pinterest and Twitter as well.

1. manila file folders

2. file crate

3. hanging files

4. on-the-desk step file holder

5. hampers for kids

6. coat hooks (use for much more than coats!)

7. behind-the-door storage

8. closet organizing systems with adjustable shelves are cheaper than all the little plastic things you buy from mega stores.  I have done that math with clients many times.

9. stackable jewelry trays

10. exact-fit storage containers

11. drawer organizers

12. shoe organizing systems

13. full sheets of paper

14. tickler file system

15. key rack

16. mug rack (accordion style)

17. bookends and magazine holders

18. clear plastic shoe containers- with lid

19. viewable  file tabs

20. scanner- paper

You can find images of these items on Pinterest

I am sorry to the student that did not get her fill of exact products.  Thank you for the very useful feedback!  Good luck to all my students from this class and the recent Garage Organizing class.

You can do it.

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