TOP 5 BEST REASONS For Small Businesses to Start Engaging IN Social Media

“Why use blogs, youtube, twitter, facebook, pinterest….?”  I have lots of businesses ask me that.  “I know I should do this, but I don’t care or use them myself.”  That is another opening line I hear a lot.

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For Small Businesses to Start Engaging IN Social Media

1- How Can you help? 
If you don’t tell people about your business who will? Stories connect.  That is what social media is – A way to CONNECT with other people. Basic business 101 NETWORKING.

2 – Your competition is talking about what they can do to fix customer’s problem. 

3- Could you use more business?  Would you like your profits to increase? 
Close more sales, have potential customers better informed about your services.  From playing music at a wedding to fixing someone’s leaky faucet – customers want to know that you know what you’re doing.  Basic sales 101  KNOW – LIKE – TRUST closes the deal.

52% of all marketers found a customer through facebook in 2013, while 43% found a customer through Linked In last year.  (source)(source)

4- Stay connected with current customers. 
Let them know the new products and services you offer and the many ways your company is growing.  Tell them how they can save money and how you can solve their problem.  Newsletters and blogs are a great way to do this.  Basic Sales 101 STAY IN TOUCH.

The odds of selling to a new prospect are only 5 and 20%, while the probability of selling to an existing customer is between 60 and 70% (source)

5- It’s FUN
Once you get over the fear and the learning curve you will love to get real time feedback from people.  It shortens your time in marketing, in product & service correction and in relationship building.  Basic Business 101 IF IT LOOKS LIKE FUN PEOPLE WANT TO PARTICIPATE.


I wanted to point out to you that NONE of this is NEW to business, it is just a new medium.  If you have a business I am sure your doing some type of marketing already or you wouldn’t be in business.   Change your perspective on social media & newsletters and attracted more people to your business today.

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