Top 5 Mailchimp Tips for Newbies

Top 5 MailChimp Tips for Newbies

While helping a local non-profit group this week we converted an email campaign and newsletter into a service called MailChimp. I love MailChimp for several reasons including the fact that it makes it easy for new subscribers to sign up for your mailing list, your messages do not get blocked as spam, it allows you to measure how many people opened your message and what they read (what they found interesting) and it clears out bouncebacks so your own email doesn’t get bogged down. And did I mention that the service is free?

If you are interested in using MailChimp here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of your account:

1. Consistently use an artistic banner saved as a .jpeg (with a maximum width of 600 pixels) on the account to identify your brand.

2. Move a contact list from an email provider (ie: hotmail, gmail), by exporting your list to an excel spreadsheet or csv file, then import into MailChimp.

3. Include buttons at the top so readers can subscribe to your social media.

4.Make it easy for readers to share anything they see. Include links (buttons) for facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Foursquare as applicable so that they can forward pertinent information to their friends.

5. Help people identify how to opt out of your newsletter. If the information you send is not relevant to them it needs to be easy for them to unsubscribe.

Implementing these 5 MailChimp tips will help you reach the right people with less hassle, and more importantly, help the right people reach you.

Helpful links:

Mailchimp banner size:   maximum width of 600 pixels and our mobile-specific templates are slightly narrower to account for smaller mobile screens.


Mailchimp app for android phone       

4 Comments on “Top 5 Mailchimp Tips for Newbies”

  1. I particularly like your recommendation to make it easy to share with social media links.

    I do, however, have a concern about importing your contacts list into Mail Chimp. My understanding is that you are not allowed to add names to your subscriber list without the person’s explicit permission. Perhaps I’m missing something?

    1. The contact list you import to Mailchimp should be of people that have given you permission to add them to the list. I had a client situation where the addresses had been accumulated over the last 20 years and many of them didn’t work, because they were so old. Mailchimp did not like that and almost closed their account because they didn’t trust the list we imported. We had to scrub the list through a company before we imported any more of them into Mailchimp. That kicked out all of the not working emails and saved the account.
      Your not missing anything and thank you for bringing up a good point. Anytime you add someone’s email to your list, it should be with their permission. I often get people signing up at classes I teach, I then enter the names onto my Mailchimp list after the class.
      I hope that helps to answer your question and clarify the permission aspect. I am sure that Mailchimp has all of the information on the specifics on their website.

  2. I’m trying to figure out how to groups. On my gmail account, you just named a group and added addresses from the main list and viola, you had a smaller group…is it like that? I’m trying to understand but it’s not easy for me (I have CRS). Any help you could give me would be gratefully accepted.

    1. Groups can be tricky in mailchimp. I typically have people on different lists. Mailchimp has a couple of good videos on creating and using groups. I would recommend you check those on in their help section. No, it is not as easy as gmail.
      Thanks for the question.

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