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I don’t coach people to have little results.  I coach people to have dynamic results. 

I am not afraid to be direct, ask the avoided questions and cheer louder than anyone else in the room.

If you want to get into living an amazing life, I am the person to get you there.

Dyslexia Success Coaching for Adults

Dyslexia Success Coaching focuses on the specific needs of the person being coached with a focus on understanding the neurological strengths and weaknesses of the individual. Like all coaching, it is a supportive, goal-oriented process. The coach and client work to develop the tools, strategies, and confidence necessary to help the client reach his or her potential.

The difference between this and your typical coaching process is that I am trained and experienced in working with people with dyslexia. The focus is on helping a person develop tactics that maximize the talents of their brain and compensate for the individual difficulties the dyslexic person experiences.

Working with a coach adds structures, methods, and practical approaches necessary to meet the challenges of everyday life and excel in their areas of special talents.



Congratulations on graduating from high school.  Now, let’s learn to harness all of that energy, stand in your strengths and build a “success process” to last a lifetime.

This isn’t always the easiest time for a person with neurodiversity. It can be challenging on both the person and the parents. There are a lot of good questions that need to be explored and answered.

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YAY!  You made it! You have your own company, you made it into the corporate world or your climbing the ladder to bigger and better things.  It just isn’t turning out like you thought it would and there seems to be one key factor in all of the set-backs, you.

It is time to explore how your personal neurology is shaping your life and career.  It is running a whole lot of the show and you don’t even know it, so you can’t harness it.  You need to learn what your strongest at and build on that and figure out how to be the best delegation expert ever.


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Congratulations on being both brilliant and stymied all at once.  You have a neurodiversity and you live in a country that doesn’t want to talk about it or if you did, you could lose your job.  Now, let’s take all that IQ and learn to channel and focus it into your superpower and build a “success process” with results that work in the environment that you are living in.


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At the end of the day, who cares what I say I can do.  That is the truth of the matter.

You care what other people say I have done for them or their loved one.  Go check it out for yourself.

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