Dyslexia Success Coaching

For Adults

Solutions by JoyGenea offers Success Life Coaching services to adults with a neuro diversity in dyslexia. Our goal is to help you reach all of your dyslexic strengths and love the work you do.


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Congratulations on being both brilliant and stymied all at once.  You have a neuro diversity that you have probably never explored all of the strengths of.  It’s time to explore your brain and map out a plan for your future.  I start the process with a simple call, you get to tell me about your biggest challenge and what you would like your life to look and feel like.  Then we map out the start of your personalized success plan and we build from there.

Being neuro diverse myself I understand many of the ways that being dyslexic can effect all parts of your life.  Not just career, you take your brain with you wherever you go and it effects everything, you just might not know it.

It’s time to stop and take a moment to explore, learn and change the way your living your life.

It’s time to expand by leaps and bounds, not baby steps.

Success Life Coaching

Ready to take a LEAP? That is the type of life coaching that we provide. I am not afraid to push you into asking more of yourself and demanding the results that you want.

If you are tired of at this place in your life, then we should have a conversation about all the ways you can find and get to the place you want and need to be at.

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Dyslexia Success Coaching for Adults

This is coaching focused just for the neurodiverse. Figuring out how your brain works in the environment you are in and then start to build on your strengthens to take your life to a whole new level.

This isn’t something to ignore or think it isn’t a big deal that you are dyslexic.  It is a big deal.  You neurodiversity gets all over everything in both good and bad ways.  Learn to harness the best parts and push away from the parts that harm you and the people around you.

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Digital Consulting

We decode and translate tech speak, so you can make a confident decisions about your digital marketing choices.  We hold you accountable to your end of the marketing needs.

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See how we brought new digital tools, branding and marketing to clients and helped them to connect better with their target market.  Most people just look at this section to see the before and after photos and there is nothing wrong with that.

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See how working with a coach made a difference.  You can’t just take my word for it, you need to double check and make sure I’m legit and worth your investment.

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