4 Levels of Learning

Understanding the 4 levels of learning gives you a huge leg up in the learning process. It helps you identify when and why you get stuck, and how to keep going!


Hey, JoyGenea, here, international neurodiversity coach. You know what? We should talk about the four stages of learning. So often when we start out wanting to do something new we haven’t done before, we forget this and then we get mad and upset and quit too early, and that’s well that’s just BS, so I’m calling it.

So, there are four levels of learning. Level one is unconscious incompetent, that means you just don’t even know what you don’t even know, and you don’t even know that you don’t know that you don’t know that, so you’re pretty much just wandering around an idiot slightly. You’ll get over that though, because then you move to level two, which is conscious incompetent, which is that fact you know that something isn’t, well you’re missing something and maybe it would be good to learn that. That’s maybe not good you don’t know that- level two. Level three- conscious competent. That means, you identified what was missing and you started to learn about it, but you don’t know real well, you definitely couldn’t teach somebody else and at times you get a little cocky and are way way past actually knowing what you’re talking about, but you’re trying you’re in the game and you are trying and you have not given up, so we’re excited and ecstatic and you’re right there, and for some people that’s enough by the way, level three, not so bad. You don’t have to master everything. I’m big on encouraging making it to at least level three. That’s a good thing, then if you want to go pro, level four- unconscious competent. That means that’s the stuff you can do without even thinking about it too hard. That’s the “I know and I can do it effortlessly.” That’s where you can start training other people, it just becomes easier and easier. So, next time you’re learning something new don’t forget about the four levels of learning. That way you’ll be less distracted or encouraged or enticed to quit when you make, hmm level two going to level three. That tends to be where people fall right off.

So, don’t give up on yourself. It’s an incredible journey out there learning new things, so just remember the four stages of learning. Thank you so much for hanging out and I’d love to hear how do when it comes to learning. Which stage gets you in trouble. I’m JoyGenea, international neurodiversity coach. Thanks.

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