Time Blindness-Part 4-Talking Timer

Learn about the timer that will count down the amount of time you have left #timeblindness #neurodiversity #dyslexia #adhd #add #neurodivergent #late   TRANSCRIPTION: The time blindness tip, but it’s also just an overall tip this works really well for a lot of my neurodiverse clients. Sometimes it’s– oh just sometimes it’s really helpful to

Time Blindness-Part3-Tools and Tricks

Time blindness part 3 – Meet the timer #timeblindness #neurodiversity #dyslexia #adhd #add #neurodivergent #late   TRANSCRIPTION: Today we’re gonna talk a little bit more about time blindness. This is part of our series we’re having conversations about. I wanna talk about some of the tools and tricks that people do use to help supplement,

Time Blindness-Part 1-What is it- Neurodiversity Moment with JoyGenea

What is it and understanding that it is part of the brain. #timeblindness #neurodiversity #dyslexia #adhd #add #neurodivergent #late TRANSCRIPTION: Let’s talk about time blindness and neurodiversity. I know it gets talked about a little bit, but I really want to dive into that more, so we’re kind of starting a series here. The most

Dyslexia, the brain, and processing reading – Neurodiversity at work

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ~Albert Einstein   After years of doing this work and finally having the science to help explain what most dyslexics have known for a long time, I