Adult ADHD Infograph And Details 101

“Having a neurodifferent brain doesn’t end the day you graduate from high school. You just get launched into a world that isn’t going to adapt to your neuro needs unless you can articulate what you need.  Many people have little to no idea what they need to be a successful adult with a neuro difference.

How to Find Online Power Hour Communities, Programs, and Groups Part 3

Part 3- Where can I try this out at? Flown or Caveday or working with a productivity partner. CLICK HERE to learn more about power hours. Transcription: Hey, hi, I’m JoyGenea, International Neurodiversity Coach and this is Pele. She came to help me with this video. Ohh, not happy about that. So we are just wrapping

Time Boundaries

Check out my blog that goes in-depth about healthy boundaries HERE. CLICK HERE for part 1 of the Boundaries Series, Types of Boundaries. CLICK HERE for part 2 of the Boundaries Series, Physical and Emotional Boundaries. CLICK HERE for part 4 of the Boundaries Series, Sexual Boundaries. CLICK HERE for part 5 of the Boundaries

Inspirational Quote From Sally Shaywitz

“Dyslexia robs a person of time accommodations return it.” Sally Shaywitz #dyslexia #dyslexiaawareness #adhd #autism #dyslexic #education #dyslexiaeducation #dysgraphia #learningdisabilities #neurodiversity #dyscalculia #dyspraxia #specialeducation #dyslexiaadvocate

Time Blindness-Part 4-Talking Timer

Learn about the timer that will count down the amount of time you have left #timeblindness #neurodiversity #dyslexia #adhd #add #neurodivergent #late   TRANSCRIPTION: The time blindness tip, but it’s also just an overall tip this works really well for a lot of my neurodiverse clients. Sometimes it’s– oh just sometimes it’s really helpful to

Time Blindness-Part3-Tools and Tricks

Time blindness part 3 – Meet the timer #timeblindness #neurodiversity #dyslexia #adhd #add #neurodivergent #late   TRANSCRIPTION: Today we’re gonna talk a little bit more about time blindness. This is part of our series we’re having conversations about. I wanna talk about some of the tools and tricks that people do use to help supplement,

Time Blindness-Part 1-What is it- Neurodiversity Moment with JoyGenea

What is it and understanding that it is part of the brain. #timeblindness #neurodiversity #dyslexia #adhd #add #neurodivergent #late TRANSCRIPTION: Let’s talk about time blindness and neurodiversity. I know it gets talked about a little bit, but I really want to dive into that more, so we’re kind of starting a series here. The most