Sensory Friendly Opportunities

If you are neurodiverse and have some sensory sensitivities, I encourage you to seek out sensory-friendly opportunities in your area!     Transcription: Hi, I’m JoyGenea, International neurodiversity coach, and today the thing I really want to chat with you about is sensory-friendly opportunities. Yes, I said sensory-friendly opportunities, and what I’m talking about is

Have you checked out DTMM videos?

Take a couple of minutes to get inspired with Different Thinker Motivational Moments.   Transcription: Hey, JoyGenea here, international neurodiversity coach. Did you know that I have an entire collection of videos called ‘Different Thinker Motivational Moments.’ Maybe you’ve seen them in the scroll. Well, you can now easily search, and you always could, but

DTMM: Role Models

Different thinker motivational moment reminder- when you get stuck, think about how your role models would respond.

Motivation for Different Thinkers: DTMM Videos

This week’s article is brought to you by an audience member who recently asked why her young adult son hated her nagging, she just needed her son to get his crap together and move out of her house, she was just trying to motivate him. Her son was sitting next to her and I watched

Breaks and Vacations

Breaks are especially important for neurodiverse people.     Transcription: Hi, I’m JoyGenea, international neurodiversity coach, and this week we’re talking about time off and taking breaks.  Super important for that fabulous brain of yours that is working really hard, working around and through the dyslexia, the ADHD, all that kind of stuff. It needs

Can You Overcome Dyslexia?

This is one of my favorite tools to help clients overcome their dyslexia.   Transcription: Hi, I’m JoyGenea, International Neurodiversity Coach, and well hey, maybe your coach someday. What I want to talk about today is a really common question that comes up. ‘Can I overcome my dyslexia?’ And my answer to that is- yes