Part 2 What does Self-Care look like for Dyslexics and ADHD

We can’t start talking about self-care and not explain what it is. What is self-care? “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.” Oxford Languages “Self-care is the practice of taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health. It is about making choices that support your well-being and help you

Dyslexia and Sleep

A lot of people don’t realize that dyslexia can include sleep struggles. It might be difficult to fall asleep and wake up, so it’s important to find some tools that work for you to support better sleep. Transcription: Good morning. Know one of the lesser-known things about dyslexia is that you can wind up struggling

Why Neurodiverse Read So Many Productivity Books and Are Not Organized

Myth Buster: This productivity book will solve everything. NOT A FACT! You are neurodiverse and this wasn’t written for you. I have read tons of productivity books and I learned that none of the popular ones were written by someone who thinks like me. There is good stuff, it just isn’t going to solve anything

Boost and Support Your Memory System for Neurodiverse Brains

Here are some ideas worth trying to see if you can improve your memory. I recently read Use Your Memory by Tony Buzan. While this book is not written for or by someone with a neurodiversity some of his points are worth mentioning and they can be helpful for dyslexics and people with ADHD.


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Eps 9-Exercise- An easy way to support your brain

Exercise- An easy way to support your brain Tip about why you might want to get sweaty sooner than later each day #adhd #dyslexia #adultadhd #adultdyslexia #brainhealth #neurodiversity #exercise #workout #neurodiversitycoach #successcoach TRANSCRIPTION: Hey, so a lot of times neurodiversity, when we start to talk about that, people talk about exercise and why it’s important.