Sensory Friendly Opportunities

If you are neurodiverse and have some sensory sensitivities, I encourage you to seek out sensory-friendly opportunities in your area!     Transcription: Hi, I’m JoyGenea, International neurodiversity coach, and today the thing I really want to chat with you about is sensory-friendly opportunities. Yes, I said sensory-friendly opportunities, and what I’m talking about is

Have you checked out DTMM videos?

Take a couple of minutes to get inspired with Different Thinker Motivational Moments.   Transcription: Hey, JoyGenea here, international neurodiversity coach. Did you know that I have an entire collection of videos called ‘Different Thinker Motivational Moments.’ Maybe you’ve seen them in the scroll. Well, you can now easily search, and you always could, but

Breaks and Vacations

Breaks are especially important for neurodiverse people.     Transcription: Hi, I’m JoyGenea, international neurodiversity coach, and this week we’re talking about time off and taking breaks.  Super important for that fabulous brain of yours that is working really hard, working around and through the dyslexia, the ADHD, all that kind of stuff. It needs

Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) – Part 1

Recently I had a client learn more about this from their counselor, who did some research and outreach to get to the bottom of the situation. Thanks to them I am passing this along to others.  Since then, I have been talking with clients about it and they have been amazed at how helpful it

Project Anxiety Creep

Project Anxiety Creep can make it hard to stay on track, but with the right support and strategies you can get over that hurdle.     Transcription: Hey, JoyGenea here. Project Anxiety Creep. I know, you’re thinking- “Is she creepy? Is she talking about creepy?” No, I’m talking more about something that expands outside of

Are You Using Your Subconscious Mind Well?

The subconscious mind does so much that we don’t always give it credit for. Becoming more aware of and connected to your subconscious can have some great effects. Have you tried to get in touch with your subconscious?     Transcription: Hey, JoyGenea here, international neurodiversity coach. This week we’re talking about the conscious and

Project Avoidance Creep

Project Avoidance Creep is a real thing! When it gets in your way of starting a project, ask for help breaking down the steps.   Transcription: Hey, JoyGenea here, international neurodiversity coach. Do you ever suffer from project anxiety creep? That is where you get handed a project, task, working on something, and before you

DTMM: Stress and reclaiming your energy

This Different Thinker Motivation Moment reminds you that 99% of your fears causing stress will not come true. You can take back your energy! Where can you reclaim some of your energy today?

Support Groups

I want to take a moment to thank our loved ones for all of their support and encourage connecting with local neurodiversity support groups. Transcription: Hi, JoyGenea here, international neurodiversity coach. Today I just want to reach out and thank, hug and squeeze if I could, our amazing family members and the people that support