Dyslexic Problem Solving

In honor of Dyslexia Awareness Month, I want to share some of the joy of my own dyslexic thinking. What is something you love about your dyslexic thinking? Comment below! Transcription: Hey, good morning JoyGenea here. So, often we need to talk more about what it means to be a different thinker, to be a

Neurodiverse Strengths

It’s Dyslexia and ADHD Awareness Month, so I want to celebrate some neurodiverse strengths. Share yours in the comments! Transcription: Hey, JoyGenea here. Let’s talk about neurodiversity and let’s talk about some absolutely amazing strengths let’s celebrate those this month that’s what I really want to focus on. So, one of the greatest strengths that

What Does Adult Dyslexia Look Like?

Let’s talk about some of the ways dyslexia shows up in adulthood. Comment below with your experiences!   Transcription: Hey, JoyGenea here so let’s talk a little bit about adult dyslexia and what that can kind of look like. I had some people ask me about that recently and I thought well this is a

My Definition of Dyslexia

My definition of Dyslexia is simple, it is just a different way of thinking. Follow along this Dyslexia Awareness Month for more dyslexia insights! Transcription: Hi, JoyGenea here, International Neurodiversity coach. We’re still talking about dyslexia and the fact that it is dyslexia awareness month. My definition of dyslexia is just a different thinker. That’s

How Do You Define Dyslexia?

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, and I want to know how dyslexics define dyslexia. Let me know how you define it in the comments! Transcription: Hi JoyGenea here, International Neurodiversity coach, and here’s my question for today, How do you define dyslexia? So, it’s Dyslexia Month, October, and I’m curious how you define dyslexia. I

Happy ADHD Awareness Month!

October is ADHD Awareness Month, as well as Dyslexia Awareness Month! A lot of people have both of these neurodiversities. I will be talking about all things ADHD and dyslexia this month. Be sure to stay tuned in! Transcription: Hi, JoyGenea here. So, not only is October Dyslexia Awareness Month, it also is ADHD Awareness

Neurodiversity and Food Poll

I have been researching the relationship between neurodiversity and the world of food. Please share your experiences with meal planning, cooking, recipes, groceries, and all things food. I will be making some posts and writing some articles about neurodiversity and food and would love to hear from you!   Transcription: Hey, JoyGenea here International Neurodiversity

Happy Dyslexia Awareness Month!

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. Let’s talk about it! Transcription: Hey, it’s October. So, Happy Dyslexia Awareness Month. More to come!

Top 5 Young Adult Advancing Strategies- Part 5

It is so important for young neurodiverse adults to find community when they are making big life transitions. My last tip in this series is to help the young adult in your life get connected wherever they are headed off to. CLICK HERE to read the full blog on the Top 5 Young Adult Advancing

Top 5 Young Adult Advancing Strategies – Part 4

When supporting a neurodiverse young adult as they move into the next stage of life, rewarding accomplishments small and large can really help. Check back for part 5! CLICK HERE to read the full blog on the Top 5 Young Adult Advancing Strategies. CLICK HERE for part 1 of the Young Adult Advancing Strategies Video