FSA and Support for ADHD and Dyslexia

Here is some really exciting news about developments with flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts being able to be used for ADHD and Dyslexia treatment strategies like coaching and tutoring. Have you had any experience with this? Let me know in the comments! Transcription: Hey, JoyGenea here, I just heard the most interesting and

Exciting News for Dyslexic and ADHD Individuals: Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts Now Cover Some Additional Services and Support

In a significant development for the ADHD and Dyslexic community, flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), and possibly health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) are now starting to cover the additional services and support that are necessary for those of us with dyslexia, ADHD, and other neurodiverse conditions. This is a huge step forward in

Communicating: As a Dyslexic Thinking Strength

What is Communicating: As a Dyslexic Thinking Strength Communicating is crafting and conveying clear and engaging messages. 71% of dyslexics are above average at Communicating   From top salespeople to business and industry leaders. One thing all my most financially successful clients have in common is the gift of communication. They can understand another person’s

Dyslexic Thinking: Visualization

Let’s keep the focus on dyslexic strengths and talk about how valuable visualizing skills really are. How does visualization come in handy for you? Share in the comments! Transcription: Hey, JoyGenea here again with another fun video! Let’s talk about another dyslexic strength because I’m enjoying focusing on those. That’s what we need to focus

Imagination and Dyslexia

Sometimes people don’t realize how essential imagination really is. It’s a great dyslexic strength, and it is an important skill in so many professions. Tune in for a list of some jobs for imaginative thinkers, and share more in the comments! Transcription: Hi, JoyGenea here, a Neurodiversity Coach for ADHD and Dyslexic adults, and today

Imagining: As a Dyslexic Thinking Strength

Imagining as a dyslexic thinking strength is creating an original piece of work or giving ideas a new spin. (84% of dyslexics are above average at imagining) The freedom of self to imagine. Einstein had an incredible imagination for thinking outside of conventional thought processes and connecting many greater things together. One thing I have

Part 3: Championing for Different Thinkers

We are wrapping up this series on championing for different thinkers, with some concrete examples of how this can be done at work. It’s actually really simple! CLICK HERE for an in-depth blog about Championing Different Thinkers. CLICK HERE if you missed part 1 of the series. CLICK HERE if you missed part 2 of the

Visualizing: As a Dyslexic Thinking Strength

Dyslexia comes with a different way of living. We see the world through our dyslexic thinking and it is not the same as a non-dyslexic view. One of the major differences is our strength in visualizing. Visualizing is interacting with space, senses, physical ideas, and new concepts. 75% of dyslexics are above average in visualizing