Reasoning: As a Dyslexic Thinking Strength

What is Reasoning: As a Dyslexic Thinking Strength Reasoning is understanding patterns, evaluating possibilities, and making decisions. 84% of dyslexics are above average at reasoning One of the most skilled reasoning clients I have had the privilege of working with is an ADHD/Dyslexic software engineer. I have been able at times to watch him bounce

Imagination and Dyslexia

Sometimes people don’t realize how essential imagination really is. It’s a great dyslexic strength, and it is an important skill in so many professions. Tune in for a list of some jobs for imaginative thinkers, and share more in the comments! Transcription: Hi, JoyGenea here, a Neurodiversity Coach for ADHD and Dyslexic adults, and today

Visualizing: As a Dyslexic Thinking Strength

Dyslexia comes with a different way of living. We see the world through our dyslexic thinking and it is not the same as a non-dyslexic view. One of the major differences is our strength in visualizing. Visualizing is interacting with space, senses, physical ideas, and new concepts. 75% of dyslexics are above average in visualizing

Part 2: Championing for Different Thinkers

Let’s talk about what championing for different thinkers looks like. My greatest lesson on this came from an 11-year-old who stood up for me back in school. CLICK HERE for an in depth blog about Championing Different Thinkers. CLICK HERE if you missed part 1 of the series. CLICK HERE for part 3 of the

Man in the Arena

Some things never leave us. In May of 2001, I graduated from the St. Cloud Technical and Community College. Leading up to my graduation was the most successful I had ever felt in my life. To this day I consider it to be one of my greatest accomplishments. You see, when I started school in

Dyslexic Thinking: Persistence

Here’s another incredible dyslexic thinking success story. Being persistent and able to think differently can make a huge difference in the world. Transcription: Hey, so dyslexic thinking, let’s talk about some more success stories when it comes to that. Last night There I was, ok I’ll admit I might at one time in my life,

Inspirational Quote From Lorin Morgan-Richards

“I like to think I have a superpower called dyslexia. I am creative, intuitive, and empathetic. I am great with problem-solving, and I can think outside the box.” Lorin Morgan-Richards

Part 1 Adult Dyslexia & ADHD: How do you become Self-Aware?

The word AWARENESS means, the state of being conscious of something. It is the ability to perceive, understand, and be aware of one’s surroundings and oneself. SELF-AWARENESS is awareness of one’s own strengths and weaknesses, values, and goals. Yesterday I was talking with an incredible young entrepreneur, she was telling me all about how she