Are You WORTHY Enough to Take Advantage of the Opportunities in Front of You?

People have amazing opportunities come along and they don’t jump at them.  Heck, I watched myself run away from them, literally. It made no sense at the time, and I could not explain it to you. This is something I see far too often in humans. Especially in humans who have been run over by a school system and bullied by their bosses.

Last month I was at a training event and at that event, they brought in Jamie Kern Lima to talk about her new book. The book had not dropped yet, and she had just come from editing with Oprah Winfrey on an upcoming special. This is a billion-dollar businesswoman with a new book. You would think I would be lining up and throwing myself at anything she offers to learn from.

“When you change what you believe you are worthy of, you change your entire life.” Jamie Kern Lima

Nope, my inner skeptic (the judge) started spouting off; “this was all fluff,” and “I don’t have time for another book,” “how could she be the right person to tell me how to improve my self-worth.” The BS in my head went on for a couple of minutes. I bet you have done this before with a great opportunity. I wasn’t taught how to spot and embrace an opportunity. I was trained on how to not be taken and how to never embrace a gift. I am always in retraining mode when it comes to this bad teaching. I have made outstanding progress, I want to add.

Here is one of my secrets, I get around people who have been trained to spot opportunities and I have learned so much of the art and talent of saying “yes” at the right time. I was in a crowd of self-development people and a bunch of them can be skeptical, like me, but more of them are skilled at assessing the value of an opportunity and jumping in feet first. After I heard her speak, I was more interested in the book and thought, “Maybe I will get it and read it at some point.” Let me say that is not the way to go into things. Do you hear all the Eeyore in my comments? Here is the lovely shift. I started to ask myself, “Why would I not read this sooner?” “Maybe this could be helpful to my clients….”

“In life, you don’t get what you want, you get what you believe you’re worthy of.” Jamie Kern Lima

I fly home from the event, and it is a couple of weeks later and one of the members of our group is going to start a group online to meet weekly to go through the Worthy book. Then I see that Jamie Kern Lima is having an amazing book launch and you get a bunch of free stuff if you buy the book now. This grew from a simple speaker with a book, to an opportunity to grow, make new friends, work on my own crap, and be part of something new and up-and-coming. I know how the marketing machine works, all the best free stuff is at the launch of a book, so why not get access to all of that? Why the heck would I not say “yes” to this? Sometimes it can be so hard for opportunities to get through our thick layer of BS, self-doubt, and fear. And sometimes we just don’t think we are WORTHY of this type of support and help. Well, that is just a lie. Everyone is worthy of help and support.

Once I decided I was in, I learned that you get all in. I bought the book, watched the book launch (with my new friends from book club), printed the workbook, got the audiobook, had the book cut, scanned the book, commented on people’s posts in the social group, and started filling out the workbook.
I just wrote an article about it and I will post this on social media. I am here to tell you that it feels so darn good to stop fighting with opportunities and to start grabbing ahold of them. WHY NOT?

This story and its connection to a book called WORTHY was too perfect to ignore. What we so often do in our lives is think that we are not worthy of something and just push away opportunities. If this resonates with you, I think you would enjoy Jamie Kern Lima’s new book. I am enjoying it. I had a couple of zinger aha moments and that was just in the first eight pages of the workbook.

“Our setbacks are almost always setups for the path we’re destined to take.” Jamie Kern Lima

Am I recommending you read the book? Yes, if you think it would add value to your life. In a bigger way, I am encouraging you to seek out and notice more of the opportunities in your life and to embrace the ones that could help you grow and add value to an already amazing person.

Learn more about her book:
There is still time to get lots of the free stuff.  Check it out.

What is an opportunity you need to consider and maybe take advantage of right now in your life?

Keep showing up in your life and amazing things will start to happen.

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