How To Build Grit and Determination

I am reading a book this month called “Grit, The Power Of Passion And Perseverance”, by Angela Duckworth.  I am so connecting to her study results and the outcomes she is proving about people.   A couple of times a year, the book that I read is so good and applies to so many of

You’re Here…Because You Didn’t Make Any Other Plans

Do you ever look around your life and ask, how did I get here?  I know for a fact, if I had told my 13 year old self the story of how I got to 2016 I would have never believed it. People with written goals are 50% more likely to achieve them than people

Silent Talking is not Listening

Silent Talking – is not LISTENING I was reading the “Art of Negotiation” by Dr. Henry Cloud and the term just caught me. How often do I silent talk? Gerard I. Nierenberg and Henry H. Calero describe it on page 52’ “It’s what so many of us are doing when we think we’re listening. Unconsciously,

Groovebook Review- Free your Photos – A little bit techie persons review

SHARE- – A LITTLE Tech and Sharing So while you are creating memories this holiday season I want to encourage you to share those photos you take.  Not just via facebook, twitter, instagram and all the other ways, but also by printing them out for the senior and tot generations. Kids love nothing more than

UPDATE from What if your Parent’s went on Your First Date?

AUDIO/VIDEO VERSION [After a broken engagement, an Indian friend agreed to his parents wishes for a traditional arranged marriage.  See LINK TO FIRST ARTICLE.] “The Date” was actually two meetings about an hour and a half each. Always with all family members. They were able to talk about a few things. She had taken the

Top 20 Organizing Products I Recommend to Clients

Extra Tips for Organizing Student From Last Night I provided my last Community Education organizing class last evening.  It was entitled: Organizing-Contain Your Home and Closets.  After the class finished I read the reviews from all fourteen students. One of them noted that I did provide many specific examples of products to utilize. This person

But I paid a lot for that

Many times when working with organizing clients we will hit an issue that goes like this: “But, I paid a lot of money for that and it IS top of the line”   Top of the line  more than 3 years ago in electronics means it has little or no resale value left and needs to