Success Engineering

Success engineering for the neurodiverse is the heart of what I do to help my coaching clients build successful lives.




Hey, JoyGenea here, International Neurodiversity coach. Success engineering for the neurodiverse, that is one of the best ways to describe the type of coaching that I do. It’s actually custom-engineered but it’s keeping that neurodiversity in mind.

Keeping those gifts and talents in mind, it’s a bunch of reverse engineering. They talk about an outcome that they want and I’m backing it up down to granular spots where we can start right here and we’re talking about strengths and then applying those in there. It really– having a background in engineering I understand the tenets of engineering and how that works, particularly in the land surveying and civil engineering world. You work with what is the land, and then you’re building on top of that, buildings you’re building, developments you’re building, roads, bridges, all those kinds of things but you’re working with the land. If there’s a river, are you moving the river, are you dealing with the river? How are you, you know, getting over the river?  How does that work? Are you going under, you know, a big rocky outplace? Those kinds of things.

You know what? Coaching– not a lot different. Are we going over this thing? Are we working over it? Do we need to hire people to build a bridge over this? It’s got a lot of similarities I’ve come to realize. So, it’s awesome.

If you are struggling with something, maybe it’s time you reach out and have somebody help you reverse engineer your way to having the successful incredible amazing life that you so deserve, that you are so meant to have, that you’ve maybe just gotten a little off track from. That’s success engineering for the neurodiverse. That’s working with the gifts and talents that you’ve got, the neurology that you’ve got, but also helping you build on that and go in the direction that you want to be going.

I’m JoyGenea, thanks for joining me and I look forward to talking to you later.

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