Time Blindness-Part 4-Talking Timer

Learn about the timer that will count down the amount of time you have left
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The time blindness tip, but it’s also just an overall tip this works really well for a lot of my neurodiverse clients. Sometimes it’s– oh just sometimes it’s really helpful to have. So, this looks like a normal timer but it’s actually not. I’m gonna hit start. So, this is called a talking timer, and so what it’s going to do is actually talk down the time as it’s happening. So, it’s gonna allow it– [Timer says] “fifty seconds left”– to remind you that you are coming to the point where you’ve completely run out of time. So, I have it set for one minute so during this process– [Timer says] “forty seconds left”– it’s just gonna go off and remind me, but typically what it does– if I’d had it set for 30 minutes– it would remind me that I had 20 minutes left and then it was– [Timer says] “thirty seconds left”–remind me that I had 10 minutes left and then once it got down to one minute it’s gonna count countdown those intervals of 10 second– [Timer says] “thirty seconds left.” So, this can be an extremely helpful tool for people that are time blind but it can also be helpful for people that have ADHD, dyslexia– [Timer starts counting down from ten]– and I guess I’m probably running out of time, so now you know more about the talking timer. I hope this was helpful thanks this is JoyGenea, your neurodiversity coach specializing in dyslexia have a great day.

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