How to Find Online Power Hour Communities, Programs, and Groups Part 3

Part 3- Where can I try this out at? Flown or Caveday or working with a productivity partner.
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Hey, hi, I’m JoyGenea, International Neurodiversity Coach and this is Pele. She came to help me with this video. Ohh, not happy about that.

So we are just wrapping up our series three-part series about power hours. And at this point I’m thinking, you’re thinking how exactly do I find these power hour things, like how do I make that happen? So there are actually now a couple of companies that are doing something like that. One is called Flown. You can find that Google that online. FLOWN another one is Cave Day, great company. I’ve tested both of them. They work really well.

Or you can just partner up with somebody else but following a bunch of those rules and boundaries and have some productivity partners. Those are the easy ways all of these services well, except the productivity partner, but the other ones I talked about, they have trial periods.

So I highly recommend if you’ve got a bunch of projects you’re trying to get done, give it a try for a week, schedule it out right away and sign up. Get those on your schedule and then show up and see how that goes. By the way, if you do those productivity things you will need to show up on time. They do not appreciate you being late. They might not even let you in. So it also helps with the time blindness.

Thanks from Pele and JoyGenea. We’ll talk to you later.

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