Time Blindness-Part 1-What is it- Neurodiversity Moment with JoyGenea

What is it and understanding that it is part of the brain.

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Let’s talk about time blindness and neurodiversity. I know it gets talked about a little bit, but I really want to dive into that more, so we’re kind of starting a series here. The most important thing that needs to be known is that this is literally a part of the brain and executive function that helps us understand and know time­– how much time has passed, how much time is still available, how long it takes to do a particular task. For people with neurodiversities, it is possible that that part of their brain- which is actually way in the back– that that area actually is not developed the same as other people’s, and it might be different, and if it is it means that your ability to do certain things that are time-related is gonna be a little wonky.

So, common symptoms and signs somebody might have time blindness as an adult; being late for meetings, work, picking up the kids, even most appointments, missing a meeting or appointment altogether- just like blew it off totally forgot about it, cooking and mostly burning the food- yes seen this heard this and smelled this, having a spouse that is always fighting with you to get out the door or somewhere on time, overbooking your calendar or don’t even include drivetime in the calendar -that’s a real kicker, also running late, multitasking to an extreme- meaning there’s really not enough time to do half of the things you have on that list, not completing projects on time, feeling exhausted like you are never getting ahead, losing jobs because of tardiness, and being reprimanded often at those jobs, or paying bills late. Those are just a few of the great things.

We’re gonna keep talking about time blindness and neurodiversity. I’m JoyGenea, thank you for joining me for this neurodiversity educational moment. I am success life coach for adults with dyslexia. Thank you.


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