Time Blindness-Part3-Tools and Tricks

Time blindness part 3 – Meet the timer

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Today we’re gonna talk a little bit more about time blindness. This is part of our series we’re having conversations about. I wanna talk about some of the tools and tricks that people do use to help supplement, fill in, and support the fact that they might not have a huge connection with how much time passes in the world. So, one of the great tools that I encourage everybody to implement is this– it is a timer it’s not just any timer. This is a cute little one that comes with a little pen you can write on the whiteboard and it’s got actually four timers in one, and why I think this is very great for my clients, and for people, is it helps supplement the fact that when you say “oh this needs to cook for 10 minutes” you’re going to cook it for 10 minutes. You’re gonna set one of these timers and that’s going to be for that. Timers can be a huge help. I know some of you are saying, “oh but I have a phone.” I know and for many of you you also have ADD, and so your phone notifications are huge distractions for you and adding one more thing to your phone can be one more thing too many and you’re not gonna notice when that timer goes off for something important. So, that is why I encourage the handy dandy stand-alone low-tech timer. It can be extremely helpful for that. And if you’re thinking that “I might need a little something more,” here’s a cute little item that I use from time to time also and that actually will countdown the time and visually show you as you’re getting less and less time on there. So, a couple hints about timers and time blindness. Fill in that gap that you have about your time. Thanks for joining me again, I’m JoyGenea international neurodiversity coach for people– adults with dyslexia, and I look forward to sharing some more educational moments with you.


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