An Easter Like No Other – Website Quality Matters

It was Easter morning.  Like most people, I had plans for a great holiday.  But upon waking, I saw that I’d missed a call after midnight from Hennepin County Medical Center.  Somehow I managed to stay calm as I negotiated my identity with the world-weary worker who fielded my return call.  After multiple questions, the identity pre-screening was complete and I was told news that no one wants: my mom was in the hospital after being struck in a crosswalk walking home from work the night before.  She was alive, but had a shattered pelvis, was scheduled for surgery, and wanted desperately to talk with me.

The Easter I had planned certainly hadn’t included a breakneck drive to HCMC, a conversation with my confused, medicated mother, nor the news that in roughly twenty four hours, a Medicare-accepting facility had to be selected and connected with in order to transport mom from the HCMC ortho-recovery unit.  A social worker gave me the names of two facilities that had a bed and could help.  I did what anyone would do – I got busy on my phone searching and, within an hour, I’d ruled out one of the two because if they couldn’t be bothered to include an image of a resident room – much less information about physical therapy services – how could I possible entrust my mom to their care?

I have said it before and I will say it again and, this time, I really, really mean it…If you don’t invest in your website – the 2018 storefront of your business – you will lose business to someone who does.

As a consumer, I’ve found more information about hotel rooms in Miles City Montana than I found on any of the care facility websites that day!  By the time I landed on the Minnesota Masonic Home website, words cannot express my relief or my gratitude.  Mom is there now, as I write this blog post.  She is starting her long recovery and OK, I am happy, and I am also even more committed – if that’s possible – to helping business owners understand the importance of having an updated, information-laden website.  The Minnesota Masonic Home has earned more than $2,000 this past week by hosting my mom.  How much business might be in store for you should you heed my advice and invest in your business website?!

Where would you want your loved one to stay?

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