Autopilot or Check List – What Types of Habits Do You Have?

Are your habits on autopilot and you don’t have to think about them, they just happen each day or do you have to keep a list, of sorts, that you check off each day that you did the things that are important?


Hey. So my girlfriend and I were just having a really interesting conversation, to say the least, about habits and about autopilot and the fact, and this was a really interesting conversation because she recognizes that with my neurodiversity, most things are not habits. Even if I’ve done them for years, they never are grounded in as a habit. I consistently, every day kind of am checking off a list and be like, OK, I do this and then I do this and then I do this. Like, I get up. I know to pee. That one’s easy, but brushing my teeth, it’s like, I brush my teeth and yes I floss and then you know and the things and I’ve had to build on those habits but it’s kind of kind a consistent daily like checklist.

What’s really interesting is the way her neurology works is once something becomes a habit which she’s able to build habits fairly quickly, they become autopilot and so she’s no longer attached to them. They just happen and all of a sudden they’re done, which you would think would be great. I I personally have always kind of admired it. But she was pointing out and this is our interesting conversation. How do you then shift a habit? If it’s so on autopilot, if your awareness and connection to it is so untethered, like I’m tethered to it because it’s part of a checklist and stuff, hers is untethered and she’s like, so how do I change a bad habit when the habit is no longer serving me? How exactly do I change that habit? I thought it was a really interesting conversation. How how does that work? Because we are nuerolly different and I know in my world, most of my clients it is not an autopilot type of thing for us. We’re working at every kind of habit on the list, sort of needing to pee. I have clients that have to put in when they eat because they get so hyper focused they blow right by all eating, and that becomes a whole issue.

So really interesting. I’m curious what other people might think about that and what you’ve experienced. Are you an autopilot kind of person? You get a habit and you just like can build on that and and they happen and you don’t realize it. Or are you more of a, you got to really think about it every kind of day and decide and make and make it happen type of person. So thanks and let’s keep these conversations going.

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