Business Professionals Organizing – Top 5 Goals

I was at a cocktail party recently with a lot of people I didn’t know before that night.  I was making small talk, as we all do in that environment, and one gentlemen really wanted to understand what organizing for business professionals was like.  In his mind only a very organized, detailed person is a business professional.  I asked what business he worked in, he was a local bank manager.  I smiled as I could see why he might think that, since he was working with organized and detailed people, not visionary people.

Since I am a coach and an organizer I have some specific goals when I am working with executive level clients.


#1 Outline the Processes

If you have a vision or plan you need to have an outline of how you are getting from a to b to c.

#2 Delegation

The sooner you learn to empower others to help you build your vision and goal the sooner you regain your sanity.

#3 Build Systems

Anything that is repetitious in actions needs to be efficient, right for the person doing it and able for someone else to take it over.

#4 Accountability

Being at the top can be lonely and you are accountable for many things and yet at times not accountable for anything.  Big change, real outcomes require accountability.  Having someone show up at your office just to see if you have completed your goals makes you more accountable.

#5 Validate

Your staff, your loved ones and yourself.

If you are looking to get more organized and get a bunch of projects off the starting pad, I can make that happen.

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