Can I Embed My Facebook Business Page Into My Website?

I had a client call to day and ask that question.  I knew that it could be done, but I had not tried it yet.


2014-09 facebook in website

The client is a musical artist and is very prolific on facebook and not so much on their website.  This isn’t a win for SEO on your site by any means.  It is better than nothing for the people that land on your site and could be a lot of fun.

Here is the link to the facebook page to build the iframe that I used.

1- add the URL for your facebook page to the Facebook Page URL box
2- once it looks the way you would like it press the GET CODE button
3-copy the code as IFRAME and paste into the source code of the page you want it on.
4- change the width and height to what you want to fill out the page (800 by 700 is what I have on my sample page)
5- save/publish and see how it turns out.

GOOD LUCK and enjoy the results.


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