Can You Overcome Dyslexia?

This is one of my favorite tools to help clients overcome their dyslexia.



Hi, I’m JoyGenea, International Neurodiversity Coach, and well hey, maybe your coach someday. What I want to talk about today is a really common question that comes up. ‘Can I overcome my dyslexia?’ And my answer to that is- yes and no, so if you’re looking for a solid answer, I don’t have it.

What I can tell you is, yes you can do a wide variety of things to make and have your dyslexia not be a humongous portion of your life and a big hurdle and challenge to be dealing with every day. Can you completely overcome it and make it completely disappear from your life? No. That really isn’t something that’s there but you can do a lot of things to make it a lot easier, and when I’m talking to clients I use an acronym I.R.I.S. because I really like iris flowers, and so why not use something that I really like and can remember– aha key things!

So, integration is really key in this process and that’s integrating knowing about your dyslexia, knowing how that works, and integrating tools that you learn about and can be helpful, it’s also about integrating that all into your life, so you can know stuff, but if it doesn’t make it into your life, it doesn’t matter a bit. The next thing in this I.R.I.S. is roaring success. How do you interpret success and then what’s a roaring success, like what’s the ‘Dang this is awesome!’ success? That’s what we’re aiming for and understanding that and making sure it’s realistic. Next item is intentionality. We need to be intentional with our words to others, our words to ourselves, and intentionality with our actions, and why that matters when it comes to overcoming our dyslexia, it’s about communication with other people. ‘You know what? You want me to kind of do this in this manner and I can, but more than likely it’s going to take a ton of extra time. Would it be possible for it to be achieved in this manner?’ Right? That’s communication, that’s finding a a win-win for everybody, but that’s also understanding our last item in that spelling of I.R.I.S. acronym which is, strengths, and I talk about it often, knowing your strengths, being able to be within your strengths, learning how to implement those strengths all the time, so can you overcome your dyslexia? Yeah, at some levels. Absolutely you can work in your strengths a whole lot more, I bet, but is it going to disappear? No, it’s kind of part of your DNA, and welcome to the group.

I hope this has helped you out. Please check out all my other videos, check out my social media, learn more about me on my website, love to help you out. Being neurodiverse and a different thinker, it’s fun, it also, it’s good to have company.

Thanks for joining me, I’m JoyGenea. Have a great day.

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