Difference Between Goals and Desires

In my recent article, I talked about goal setting if you’re a different thinker.
Let’s break down the most important of the ten. #1

#1 Dream/Think/Visualize

Here are some questions to start to have a more direct answer:

  • How would you like something in your life to be different a month, a year, or maybe ten years from now?
  • If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?
  • If 1 billion dollars was in your bank account tomorrow what would you change about your life?
  • What do you desire?

Here is why this matters, if you are not clear on the value something brings to your life, you won’t work at it. You have to know your why and sometimes that isn’t obvious.

Let me walk you through an example.

Lots of people make a goal of losing weight. It’s a fine goal. Here is the problem, it’s an action. Considering how often this goal gets dumped within weeks of starting it, that should tell you how under-motivating “Lose Weight” is on our list.

Start with this instead

Why would losing weight be worth all of the effort it is going to take to achieve it?
What is your desire?

I would like my clothes to fit better, I have great outfits and I want them back
I would like to not say mean things to myself when I am getting dressed
I would like to shop for some new clothes and not need to buy things up a size from what I was a year ago
I want to be more flexible and improve my balance, so I don’t fall on the ice in the winter
I want to have fewer migraine headaches and they go away when I exercise more
I want to have more energy to focus on other things like learning a new language or learning how to use a laser cutter
I want to wear that cute little sexy dress in the back of my closet

So, each day when I choose to work out or not AND I choose what to eat. When I focus on my why, it’s easier than trying to motivate myself to complete a task. The task isn’t that exciting and after a couple of weeks, I just don’t care. But, after a couple of weeks my WHY hasn’t changed. All those things still matter to me.

If you’re working on a goal, I hope this has inspired you to dig a little deeper and figure out your WHY.

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