Different Thinker Motivational Moment: Writing and doing it differently

There are so many ways to express yourself. If handwriting doesn’t work for you, explore other possibilities.



Hey, JoyGenea here. Today’s different thinker motivational moment is about, well, those moments where holidays or events require handwriting. I just wanted to reach out to those different thinkers who do not have incredible handwriting and struggle with that. It is part of the different thinker world and part of the dyslexia area. So, I just wanted to encourage you to be thinking about new ways to do valentines, and keeping that in mind if someone in your life is challenged by handwriting. There are other ways to do valentines. There are other ways to wish people the best and remind them that you love them. So, think outside the box, since most different thinkers are already, and let’s come up with some new ideas for handwriting moments like that. That’s my motivational moment for different thinkers. Take care and thank you.

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