Dyslexia and Humility

Let’s keep talking about the strengths that dyslexia brings. Sometimes they are in disguise, like my struggles with spelling that end up teaching me humility. Share your strengths in the comments!


Hey, so sometimes I think it’s important to remember again some of the great strengths and things that are really positive that come along with being dyslexic and having neurodifferent brain meaning a little ADHD and so forth.

So, one of the things today I wanted to talk about was humility. One of the things I cannot avoid and that keeps me very humble, is my spelling. Just the other night I had this great example. I’m sending out this text, to luckily family members, but I go to say ‘conversation’ and auto-correct, love ya but sometimes hate ya, translates that into the fact that I’m at a convention or a conference, not conversation but a conference, and so the text messages that I get back from family members are quite funny, “Oh what kind of conference are you at? What are you learning about? Oh that’ll be so interesting.” Huh, and I humbly needed to say, “You know what, that was autocorrect and what I meant to say was, this.” So, I think that’s one of the plusses that comes with my dyslexia and my experience with it is the fact that it keeps me humble. My ego has to be in check, my pant britches cannot be too big because sooner or later my spelling is just gonna come out and I’m gonna have to fall over it, and luckily I’m in a place in life where I can um openly express that I do have dyslexia and that that’s what’s gotten in the way. It’s not anything else, and I know for some people they are not there and they can’t do that all the time, so I’m lucky in many ways thanks for celebrating some dyslexic moments and the things that we’re learning as we go. I’m JoyGenea, international neurodiversity coach.

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