Dyslexia and Sleep

A lot of people don’t realize that dyslexia can include sleep struggles. It might be difficult to fall asleep and wake up, so it’s important to find some tools that work for you to support better sleep.


Good morning.

Know one of the lesser-known things about dyslexia is that you can wind up struggling with falling asleep and waking up in the morning.

This might be something that you struggled with as a kid and your parents thought was really annoying, or your siblings, or both, but you need to keep in mind as an adult you might still be struggling with getting to sleep at night and getting up in the morning, and that sleep deprivation adds up and is really chall- can be more challenging on your brain than you think.

So keep in mind your neuro difference wasn’t just, if you’re dyslexic, wasn’t just about reading, it also carried into the fact that well, it affects your sleep possibly too, and there are options and things you can kind of do about that, but you do have to look into your personality and what works best.


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