Dyslexic Career Paths

Dyslexics think outside of the box, and that means we can end up doing some pretty interesting jobs throughout our lives. What jobs have been fulfilling for your dyslexic or ADHD brain?


Hey, JoyGenea here. So, we’ve been talking about dyslexic thinking and how at times it’s different and everybody’s dyslexia is a little bit different, so one of the things I’ve not always talked about is how I wound up being in land surveying and civil engineering as a technician. I literally looked at a wide variety of programs when I decided I was gonna go back to school and I looked at what the classes, what the courses were for those programs and when I started looking at land surveying and civil engineering I was just amazed and blown away. It fit all the types of things I need to do. It had some office work, it had some out-in-the-field work. I would be outside. I would be doing some computer things. I would be engaged with people yet engaged with nature and doing some engineering and thinking in that manner and being creative but also um using my mind in other manners so math, that type of stuff I loved it. I loved school and I’m so glad I did that but I can honestly tell you I had no idea what I actually signed up for. I showed up the first day and I really did not know what I was gonna be learning. So what? I kept showing up, I kept learning, graduated with a 4.0 and loved every minute of it and that led to a million other great things in my life.

So, just because you don’t think inside the box, doesn’t mean you don’t think the right things or they’re not the right thoughts. So, keep being an outside thinker if you’re a dyslexic thinker or if you have ADHD and you just process differently, keep doing that and keep pursuing it. Thanks, I’m JoyGenea and I’m building a shed!

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