Dyslexic Thinking: Exploration

The dyslexic strength of exploration is a great asset in business, and it just makes life more fun!


Hey, JoyGenea here. Let’s talk a little bit more about an additional strength in the dyslexic community. That is the explorer strength. And if you’re wondering, “Gee is that a dominant strength?” Well yeah, considering 84% of dyslexics are above average in the explorer characteristics and behaviors, so yeah, explorer definitely is a big part of the dyslexic brain and mind.

A few jobs that if you’re thinking careers and you’ve got a heavy explorer personality- field researcher, archeologist, photojournalist, travel blogger and YouTuber of course, marine biologist, EMT, park ranger, chef, restaurant owner, I can totally see that by the way, freelance writer, photographer, and entrepreneur.

Being an explorer is fun and so useful and valuable when it comes to being an entrepreneur, so definitely embrace and enjoy your explorer personality if that’s one of your dyslexic strengths. Thanks and bye now.

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