Dyslexic Thinking: Visualization

Let’s keep the focus on dyslexic strengths and talk about how valuable visualizing skills really are. How does visualization come in handy for you? Share in the comments!


Hey, JoyGenea here again with another fun video! Let’s talk about another dyslexic strength because I’m enjoying focusing on those. That’s what we need to focus on a whole lot more. So, visualizing, it’s that interacting with space, that sense of physical playing, having an idea what to do with physical things, and new concepts about that. So, 75% of dyslexics are above average when it comes to visualizing things.

People with dyslexia are more likely to form 3D spatial partial images in their mind than non-dyslexic people. So we think in dimension, depth, those types of things. Many people with dyslexia often think of images opposed to words, so often our communication will come out as we’re describing things in terms of other actual things, not the exact words.

Great careers for people who are high visualizers- items in the STEAM programs right: science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Also, a common area for visualization is problem-solvers across the board. Great area for that visual ability. So, if you’re a high visual learner, thinker, or processor, and you’re dyslexic, well congratulations! You’re just normal for dyslexics and above average for other people. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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