Eps 5-Brief History of Dyslexia in America Tik Tok- Neurodiversity Moment with JoyGenea

Eps 5-Brief History of Dyslexia in America tik tok- Neurodiversity Moment with JoyGenea


I find that I can explain the why of some things when you look at the history of how we got to where we are today.

This applies to dyslexia.  Once you understand the history of literacy in America, you can see why they felt a need to study why the numbers were falling and that is when they found a word for dyslexia.  See what they have done since they coined this term and slapped that label on a bunch of people and forgot to add in the part where we are neurology gifted too.  The great thing about neurologically different people, is that we are going to share that part of the experience with others and tell our story to help each other.

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Ok so today’s neuro difference moment we’re gonna talk about the history of dyslexia in America. It is actually different around the world, so we’re gonna make sure to focus. This is about the history of dyslexia in America. So it starts out from the work blindness is what they called it and now it’s a nuero difference- kinda like the upgrade- anyways so here’s out little chart again and were gonnna talk about the history of dyslexia in America.

So 1977 dyslexia is first referred to as word blindness by a German neurologist, I’m not even gonna go there Adolf something something. Then 1977 German physician Rudolf Berlin first used the term dyslexia to encompass reading challenges as a result of a disability, so we’re moving up but notice we’re in the 1800s and if you watched my other video that was about the history of literacy readings been around for quite a while and we’re in the 1800s. 1925 Samuel T Orton a neuro pathologist from the State University of Iowa, presented his first paper on word blindness at an annual neurology association meeting, so now we’re kind of on the map. Then in 1968 at the first meeting of the world federation of neurologies research group on development dyslexia and world literacy was at the hospital of Dallas. So, all of a sudden they’re like wow we need a whole organization about this 1968 was when that happened. So 1970 the hypothesis emerged that dyslexia stems from a deficit in certain processes within the brain and issues with the spoken word. 1975 the passage of the education for all handicapped children act of 1975. This public law defined learning disability. 1990 the development of neuroimaging technologies during the 1980s and 1990s enables dyslexia research to make significant strides forward, big ones. So, now we’re up to 2008 that is when brain scan results indicate that dyslexia may result from distant cognitive impairments to a variety of areas. And you’re gonna need to look that up because I’m not gonna try and say those, I wish I could. Congress also passed in 2008 the Americans with disability act amendment and in that adding dyslexia as one of the things that you cannot discriminate against an employee for. Forward to 2017 social security added learning disabilities to the blue book of impairments that qualify for disability benefits when they are so severe. Neurodiversity and Neuro differences become commonly used terms.

So there you go, that’s a brief and quick history of dyslexia in America. Again thanks for joining me for another neurodiversity moment. I’m JoyGenea, international neurodiversity success coach for adults with dyslexia.


Thanks for joining me on another neurodiversity education minute.

I’m JoyGenea, Success Life Coach for Adults with Dyslexia

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