Eps 5-Brief History of Dyslexia in America Tik Tok- Neurodiversity Moment with JoyGenea

Eps 5-Brief History of Dyslexia in America tik tok- Neurodiversity Moment with JoyGenea


I find that I can explain the why of some things when you look at the history of how we got to where we are today.

This applies to dyslexia.  Once you understand the history of literacy in America, you can see why they felt a need to study why the numbers were falling and that is when they found a word for dyslexia.  See what they have done since they coined this term and slapped that label on a bunch of people and forgot to add in the part where we are neurology gifted too.  The great thing about neurologically different people, is that we are going to share that part of the experience with others and tell our story to help each other.

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Thanks for joining me on another neurodiversity education minute.

I’m JoyGenea, Success Life Coach for Adults with Dyslexia

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