Eps 9-Exercise- An easy way to support your brain

Exercise- An easy way to support your brain

Tip about why you might want to get sweaty sooner than later each day
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Hey, so a lot of times neurodiversity, when we start to talk about that, people talk about exercise and why it’s important.
Here’s the really important thing. Who the hell cares why it’s so important? Here’s what you need to know. It improves speech, language, fluidity and working memory, motor skills, improves self-esteem, cerebral function. It does all of that just by hanging out and doing working out for about 30 minutes, so. We need to be thinking about aerobic working out, resistance training or bodybuilding, anything that gets your heart going and gets your sweat glands pumping. So go out there and work out because it helps your brain.
I’m JoyGenea, international neurodiversity coach, and good luck.


Thanks for joining me on another neurodiversity education minute.

I’m JoyGenea, Success Life Coach for Adults with Dyslexia

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