Exciting News for Dyslexic and ADHD Individuals: Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts Now Cover Some Additional Services and Support

In a significant development for the ADHD and Dyslexic community, flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), and possibly health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) are now starting to cover the additional services and support that are necessary for those of us with dyslexia, ADHD, and other neurodiverse conditions.

This is a huge step forward in making these crucial services more accessible and affordable for those who need them most. Previously, these services were often not covered by these types of insurance add-ons, leaving many individuals without the resources to thrive in school, work, and life.

The new coverage for dyslexic and ADHD services is still in its early stages, and there are some hoops to jump through to qualify. However, the potential benefits are significant. By setting aside funds in pre-tax dollars, individuals can save upwards of 30% on the cost of these services.

Here are some of the services that may now be covered by FSAs, HSAs, and HRAs:

  • Coaching services
  • Tutoring services
  • Assistive technology
  • Therapy and counseling – this one was always covered

If you are neurodiverse and have been struggling to afford the services you need, I encourage you to reach out to your FSA, HAS, or HRA provider or employer to learn more about this new coverage. You may also find it helpful to connect with other neurodiverse individuals who have experience using FSAs, HSAs, and HRAs to cover these services.

In addition to the financial benefits, this new coverage also sends an important message to the neurodiverse community: we are valued and deserve the same support as everyone else. This is a nice step towards creating a more inclusive and equitable world for all.

Sharing Your Experience

If you have had any experience using FSAs, HSAs, or HRAs to cover neurodiverse services, please share your story in the comments below. Your insights can help others who are looking for information and support.

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