Exploring: As a Dyslexic Thinking Strength

Are you an explorer?  When you are curious about something, do you go on an adventure to learn more about that something?

Exploring is being curious and exploring ideas in a constant and energetic way.
(84% of dyslexics are above average at exploring)

84% of dyslexics
are above average
in exploring


When it comes to dyslexics, they can be really curious and become amazing explorers. I often see it in the adult form of their careers. One of the reasons they are so good at their jobs, especially in today’s day and age of constant digital transformation, is they don’t get stuck in their ways about how something should be done.
Dyslexics are often the early adaptors. They are the ones that are going to bring new ideas to the company.

There are a host of job opportunities for different thinkers with the strength of exploring.

Top 10 Jobs for Explorer Personalities:

Explorer personalities are known for their love of adventure, curiosity, and adaptability. They thrive in dynamic environments and crave new experiences. If you’re an explorer, choosing a career that caters to your inherent traits is key to finding fulfillment and satisfaction. Here are 10 exciting jobs that are perfect for your adventurous spirit:

1. Field Researcher:
Conduct research in diverse environments, from rainforests to deserts to mountaintops.
Collect data, observe wildlife, and uncover new knowledge about the natural world.
Contribute to scientific discoveries and conservation efforts.

2. Archaeologist:
Travel to historical sites around the world and unearth the secrets of ancient civilizations.
Analyze artifacts, reconstruct past societies, and share your findings with the public.
Immerse yourself in history and make groundbreaking discoveries.

3. Photojournalist:
Capture the world’s stories through your lens, from war zones to remote villages to bustling cities.
Travel to new places, meet interesting people and document important events.
Use your creativity and storytelling skills to make a difference.

4. Travel Blogger/Youtuber:
Share your travel adventures with the world through your blog or YouTube channel.
Explore new destinations, try unique experiences, and inspire others to get out and explore.
Build a community of followers and become a trusted source of travel information.

5. Marine Biologist:
Study the amazing creatures that live in our oceans, from playful dolphins to majestic whales to microscopic plankton.
Dive into coral reefs, conduct research on marine ecosystems, and help protect our oceans.
Combine your love of exploration with your passion for the environment.

6. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT):
Respond to medical emergencies in fast-paced situations, no two days are ever the same.
Help people in their most critical moments and make a real difference in their lives.
Be on the front lines of healthcare and experience the thrill of saving lives.

7. Park Ranger:
Protect and preserve our national parks and forests for future generations.
Educate visitors about the natural world, enforce park regulations, and ensure safety.
Enjoy the beauty of nature and work in stunning outdoor settings.

8. Chef/Restaurant Owner:
Experiment with new flavors and cuisines, bringing culinary excitement to your diners.
Travel to different regions to learn about their food cultures and source fresh ingredients.
Be your own boss and express your creativity through your dishes.

9. Freelance Writer/Photographer:
Work on projects that pique your interest, from travel writing to documentary photography.
Set your own schedule and travel to different locations for assignments.
Be your own boss and use your storytelling skills to make a living.

10. Entrepreneur:
Start your own business and turn your ideas into reality.
Be innovative, take risks, and build something from the ground up.
Enjoy the freedom and challenge of being your own boss.

Remember, this is just a starting point. There are endless possibilities for explorer personalities in the world of work. The key is to find a career that allows you to use your strengths, explore your interests, and never stop learning and growing.


11. Influencer:
Social media or digital influencer. Influencers highlight the exciting and diverse experiences that come with the exploring they are doing. They enjoy sharing their adventures with the world.

Until I typed up this article, I hadn’t thought about being an explorer myself. I still live in the same state I was born in. I don’t lead a really exciting life, but in many ways, I push the boundaries of my world and enjoy sharing those adventures with others. I am a business owner and if you look at my job history, I have done things many others might not, especially women.

Don’t take your exploring talents for granted.

In what ways are you an explorer in your life?

I would love to hear about it, please feel free to share in the comments or on social media.


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