FOCUS on the Friday before a Holiday? – it is possible

It’s the Friday before a holiday and the weather is amazing.  In Minnesota that means it is so hard to be in the office and focus, yet, it’s a work day and I have a lot I need to get done.

Dilbert and I are here to give you a few tips to help you make it to 5:00pm on the Friday before a Holiday.

#1 Top 3 Priorities – write out your top three priorities for the day on something.

#2 Work in Small Bursts – Set a timer for 20 min, they have found that to be the most productive time and then take a minute to move before the next 20 minutes.

#3 Remind Yourself of the Goal – Have a sticky note tagged to your screen reminding you of what you are working on.

#4 Close your Office Door – The whole office is feeling the same way you are.  They just want to be on vacation and some of them are just bodies in a chair with a mind that is already at the cabin.  Don’t let them infect your plan.

#5 Drink Water – It makes you need to move after 20 minutes and it is so good for your brain.   It will help you stay focused until 5pm.


Have a wonderful Holiday.  You can make it to 5pm!

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