Groovebook Review- Free your Photos – A little bit techie persons review


Tech and Sharing
So while you are creating memories this holiday season I want to encourage you to share those photos you take.  Not just via facebook, twitter, instagram and all the other ways, but also by printing them out for the senior and tot generations.
Kids love nothing more than a photo of themselves.  Snail mail a photo to the grandparents and it makes their day too.

SIMPLE-FAST-AFFORDABLE way to share photos from your phone.

So simple
-Download the app on your phone
-Create an account
-Pick the photos and allow them to upload
-Order your first book
-Wait for it to arrive in the mail
-Open and enjoy

Here is what my first book looked like when it arrived:

I will not tell you that this is the finest quality paper or prints.  It’s not.  What it is, is a great way to share photos, remember a moment and share an experience.  I actually like that it isn’t the finest quality photo print– I don’t feel bad recycling the ones I am not sharing or don’t need anymore.

As an organizer I learned early on the each person organizes and learns differently.  Ask any teacher about teaching styles.  I point this out because you might be thinking right now, “why would I do this?” Maybe you do this because other people in your life are not engaged in facebook, snapchat, twitter and instagram and they would love to see the great photos you have taken of the family, pets and kids.

Try it out and see what you think.  Let me know.


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