How hard would you fight?

Last load of items going to auction house.


How hard would you fight for your happiness and life?  In fall of 2010 I was hired by my clients children to help her downsize.  She had lived in the same house for 20+ years, raised all her kids in that house and along the way had acquired a lot of possessions from all of the above.  She is one amazing fighter.  It was no easy task on her part to purge that house of all of her belongings, but she did.  What she may not have known, but what I know, is that she was fighting for happiness, her life, her freedom and her time.  There were times when we would work and she was fighting through a medical issue, but she would not give up or give in.  We may have moved slower, but we moved forward always.
On Monday she signed the papers to that beautiful house full of wonderful memories and it become someone’s new dream home.  I am so proud of her.  Working with her has been a real reminder of the fact that you don’t give-up.  She believed she could do it, and she did.  Now you need to ask yourself the same question. How hard would you fight for happiness and freedom?

Success!  Client by sold sign at house.

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