How live-stream TV saved me $100 per month

Vizio Google TV with Remote side

Vizio Google TV with Remote side

How live-stream TV saved me $100 per month

Paying over $200 per month on internet and television prompted me to request new equipment from my provider after 4 years of rental. A decline to this request lead me to explore new options. Sadly, there were not many local options in our area, and the one that I moved to resulted in much less than satisfaction. Fast forward to my new epiphany… live-stream TV.

For a mere $99 each I invested in two different live-stream devices; the Vizio CoStar Google TV box, and the Jelly Bean Google TV box. This one-time fee (with options to upgrade to other pay-for services) put a smile back on my face.

So, what does $99 buy you in the live-stream television world? First of all, though not the latest episodes, the devices allow access to tons of great shows. I was thrilled to be able to access quality programming on my time frame. Second, the boxes allowed me internet access through my television. Now Pandora plays when I am not watching TV, and I can utilize the devices’ remote-control mini keyboard to surf the internet using the television as my monitor. There is also picture-in-picture capability so I can search the internet during commercials and not miss a thing!

I have found that both devices work well, with the Jelly Bean acting more like a tablet. The Jelly Bean remote plugs into my computer via USB port, so last night I cuddled up in my favorite chair and worked on my computer using the mini keyboard in my lap. The Jelly Bean also allows me to play games like a tablet… can you say Angry Birds?

In short, I approve of both products and the price tags that go along with them. Live-stream TV turned out to be a better solution than I imagined it would be to our less than satisfactory television provider experience. Sometimes it takes a little thinking “outside the box” to make a big, happy change.

Vizio CoStar:

Mini iMito MX1 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Google TV Box HD IPTV Player with Keyboard- PC Rockchip RK3066 1G DDR3 1.6Ghz Cortex A9 Dual Core CPU Built-in Bluetooth

Amazon Prime:

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