I’m at World Dyslexia Assembly in New York–2nd Annual

“Dyslexic Thinking is a skill.” ~Made by Dyslexia

World Dyslexia Assembly in New York – 2nd Annual

Be inspired by the limitless power of Dyslexic Thinking and get set to create the change the world needs in your school or workplace.

Now that Dyslexic Thinking is a skill on LinkedIn, the Assembly will show why we must harness the limitless power of Dyslexic Thinking and that the power to create change is in our hands.

When I booked this trip to New York I wasn’t sure what to expect. I just knew I wanted to be part of a greater conversation around change. Change for myself and change for others. It is just time for a change. 

I was not disappointed. 

To see so many prominent, happy, high-reaching professionals talk about what they are doing to their well-being about change was powerful in many ways, the greatest being is the fact that there are many of us out there, doing small things that will have big results and impact.

And it is not just focused on changing the American education system. It is also about shifting workplaces, about simplifying conversations, and about the way we communicate about dyslexia. 

To hear the head of the British spy division talk about how they have been recruiting and using dyslexics for over a hundred years. To hear him talk about it. In the world of spies different thinkers are important and they noticed early on that that different thinking represented a large group of the population and that it was important to have those people in their organization.

Listening to Richard Branson talk about just seeing things as they could be and then making it happen. Simpler, Easier, Better than what was currently there. Considering he is a main part of this organization, I assume he is using the same type of thinking and skill to move this project forward.

When the mayor of New York talked about implementing change in the school system, he talked in terms of what they have done in the last year and what they will be doing in the next year. Every teacher trained to spot dyslexia and one school started in shifting the basic reading programs into a scientifically backed reading program. One that is all-inclusive, not mostly inclusive, but not dyslexics. 

Or the employers like HP, Microsoft, and EY and how they are working to recruit the dyslexic thinkers. They study the applications looking for those skills. Because those are the skills that they need to build up their companies.

There was a comment that by 2025, 50% of the workforce is going to be retrained in new skills and that is going to be an ongoing situation and dyslexics are wired for this. It was a recruitment speech worth hearing.

Each of the Presenters they had, from an athlete to a scientist was clear on the fact that without their dyslexia thinking they could not and would not be doing what they are doing.

This for me was the supporting evidence I needed on why I do what I do. It goes to the core of my why. We have to get out there and talk about our different thinking and help to change the conversation about dyslexia. It is not a deficit, it is just a different way of thinking.

Change is happening from the inside out and what we need now is to recruit some non-dyslexic allies to help take the next steps.


Kindest Regards,

Dyslexic Thinker



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