JoDee Schumer Art Show Tour

My mom, JoDee Schumer is one of the most creative neurodivergent people I know and my greatest champion #jodeeschumer #dyslexia #dyslexic #artist #dyslexicthinker #minneapolisart #adhd #art #fabricart #fabricartist #fiberart #fiberartist #dyslexia #neurodiversity #neurodiverse #neurodivergent #amill #spiritguide #artopening



JOYGENEA: Hey I am here at this amazing art show, and I want to introduce you to one of the coolest neurodiverse people that I know. This is her art exhibit, and that super cool person is my mom JoDee and this is her amazing art show. And we were just discussing this item ‘cause of course I love the fire flare and energizer woman that you created. So tell me a little about it. What inspired it?
JODEE: Doing a series of the five elements– Chinese elements– and fire is always, you know, bright and fire. And had a lot of fun finding the right piece of silk to do the headpiece.
JOYGENEA: Now did you make the silk like that so that it would turn out that way?
JODEE: Not exactly, I just went through my– my palate or my paint is fabric– and I have dyed fabrics and I have a collection of things that didn’t work or were part of something else and got cut off
JOYGENEA: They hadn’t found their right piece yet.
JODEE: They hadn’t found their home yet. This was one of those pieces and when I was looking for fabrics for fire laying things out, I came across this and went ‘Ooh how can we make that into fire, because it’s perfect’
JOYGENEA: It is awesome.
JODEE: And I used some of my other techniques that I know called Oshi-e, to cover all this.
JOYGENEA: So she’s a hybrid of a variety of your skills. That’s what I noticed.
JODEE: Yes she’s dyed fabrics, this is a wool piece that’s been felted, and this is felted wool, so she’s a combination, and I even included my mother into this one, because I had a scarf that she had painted or dyed years ago and it had her initials on it ‘DP’ and didn’t wear the scarf anymore. It was in the fabric stash now and I thought ‘Oh mom, you get to be part of the fire energizer’ so even she’s part of it.
JOYGENEA: Awesome. Come here. Thank you for joining me. Bye.

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