Moving Offices (again) PROACTIVE CHANGE – In Business, Life and Goal’s

Change is a guarantee in life, just like death and taxes, it’s going to happen.

As I looked back on how I’ve handled change in my life, whether in my business or my personal life, I realized it can be a mixed bag. I had some really strong moments where I have done change well and I have some moments that I could barely have done worse if I had tried.

The poorest life and work changes I went through kicking and screaming (by that I mean I denied they were happening), I avoided the truth, I didn’t listen to my gut or my heart, I didn’t listen to my trusted friends and advisors and I procrastinated; thinking the situation would all work itself out on its own.

I can tell you that change happened in the end, I had to participate in it (by the way, “not doing anything is doing something”), and the results were not win-win and everyone walked away from the situation a little bruised and battered from the pain of avoiding change, even though it’s inevitable.


You’ll like this story:

I had a job out of college, I was so thrilled to be working for this company, but I knew they were not as thrilled to have a woman working with them. Some of them were open to change, some of them didn’t really care, and some hated it and hated me. That made working there a real challenge for me.

They once gave me a review that said, “You come to work too happy in the morning and it bothers your co-workers. You are too positive and cheerful, it’s offensive.”

That was my six-month review…that was my first big hint.

There were a million more red flags that said this was not going to work. I heard and felt the red flags, my gut knew, but my brain and emotions got in the way. Facts like: I had just worked so hard at college and worked so hard to get this job that I wasn’t going to give-up because they didn’t want a woman there. I avoided change, hid from it, thought it would just “work itself out”. A few years later, I hated going to work. I remember crying when I got home from another day in hell and shut down emotionally. I was crabby to the people around me and I was just plain miserable. I finally used the companies EAP and went to a counselor.

In one session she rocked it. I listed ten options I could do to improve the situation. I brought the list home and I posted it on my fridge and every day I thought about all my options a little more. In the end, I decided I would rather go flip burgers at McDonalds than spend one more minute at that job with those people. It took time to get a new job in my field of study and I made it. I never should have waited that long. They didn’t only hurt me in the moment, they left behind some scares from their behavior that I have had to take time to clean up later in life.

A few exiting points on this topic before we move on:

Do you think I was the last woman to work in that department?  NO

Do you think that the quality of their work improved pushing me out the door? NO

Do you think that it made them a better person (Man) to treat me like that? NO


My story doesn’t just apply to jobs, friendships, business and cars. It applies to a lot of choices.  One of them being websites and digital marketing. I tend to meet people at the point where they have avoided, run from, and even pretended that change is not inevitable in the digital age. I love my job because I get to help them see the positive affect of proactive change in their websites and other digital activities. One of the things I love the most about my job is coaching people though the challenges of change.


Now back to me moving by August 1st. I am betting you want to hear more about that story.

Proactive change is win-win change.

We knew that change was coming when we moved in January this year into the little house on 16th Ave and I rented out the back office. We knew that Bad Cat Digital was growing and so was my business. Not at the same pace and yet, sooner or later, the moment was going to arrive. We thought we had until December; we were wrong. A little over a month ago, Michelle and I realized that the time had come for her to need that back-office space for her expanding team.

As the universe would have it my co-working friends have finally landed in a permanent new office space, after two years of being nomads and just had someone vacate an office space. The signs were all there that it was time to make the change now.

Proactive change is making change before the drama.

It is one of the best parts of my business relationship with Michelle Henderson/Bad Cat Digital.  We agreed to never create drama for each other or to be drama to the other. The goal has always been honesty, authenticity, great humor, business encouragement and friendship.

My business has experienced great growth in my year and a half renting from Michelle and her business is really, really experiencing amazing growth. I come to work each day and enjoy the company of fantastic, talented people who I have had the great opportunity to become friends with. I will miss seeing them on a daily basis. Especially Michelle’s four-legged dog Rosa.

It is bittersweet saying good-bye to this space. I have had a lovely office with two huge windows and all the other great spaces of this little house. I am so grateful for the time I have had with Bad Cat.


As of August 1st, my new office will be at 16 9th Ave N, St. Cloud, MN 56303 (do not send mail to this address. My mailing address never changes J)


The new location has a lot to love too. Solutions by JoyGenea is moving back in with old friends and business colleges, Matt Foster and Jon Ruprecht. I will have my own office space, with a window, along with meeting rooms and a pool table. I am grateful for the chance to office with them again and to continue my own business growth and journey around this group of talented and gifted professionals. Because this is my second move in a year, I am going to do this with little fan fair, no open house, a lean remodeling budget, and my husband with trailer in tow. My clients are my focus, and this move will not disrupt my business services.


Proactive Change (defined by JoyGenea)

  • -Change done when your gut, heart and brain tell you it’s time to change.
  • -When there are win-win solutions available
  • -Involves good healthy communication with clarity
  • -Talked about from the beginning
  • -Listening to all parties involved and working to understand their perspective
  • -Having a positive mindset on the outcome
  • -Asking others for help and accepting that help

If you want to see photos of the renovation and moving process keep an eye out on my Facebook and Instagram. As you can guess I am not keeping that wallpaper or the phesant boarder.  The shelves will be coming down also.  It is really hard to find this much golden oak all on one wall these days, change is coming.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a fun adventure. Next month, my stories will be coming to you from my new location and there are other changes in the works. My business is continuing to expand and my client’s needs are growing in new directions.


My question for you is this:

Is there an area of your business that you are avoiding making changes to? 


Maybe, it is time for some proactive change in your life.  I will give you a little hint, start planning now.


Fun Fact:  My whole life I have had a soundtrack for all of life’s big events. From falling in love, to when people die, to moving to a new office. I even have soundtracks in my really big dreams when I am sleeping. It’s pretty cool. Here are the songs that go with this change in my business.

Saying Good-bye brought to you by the Muppets


Moving right along – brought to you by the Muppets


Don’t Stop Believing – Journey – being performed by the cast of Glee



Writers note:  “Animals” were harmed in the writing of this story. While I was sitting outside at 6:00am on my deck enjoying the birds and the dark clouds, a mosquito thought it could bite me. When it actually did, I noticed and killed it. May she rest in peace.


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