Neurodiverse ADHD and Having Multiple Companies

It is easy to not understand when someone processes data and information differently from you. That doesn’t make them wrong and bad. I have a handful of clients that have two are three very successful businesses. Delegation is key, maybe expand your beliefs about what one person can do.


Ohh, hey, hi. I’m JoyGenea, International Neurodiversity Coach.

So this week one of the most interesting conversations I had was how how one of my clients is going to help coach her family on the fact that she is a high processing person and is probably going to run three or four companies. And I know that sounds really odd or why should somebody have to coach on that, But what’s really interesting, our family, we seek from our family for support. We do. We want them to love us. We want them to approve of us. We want them to think that we’re really valuable, and they do. But when sometimes in families, when people are doing things that they just don’t understand, they can’t comprehend, it shifts. It makes it more challenging.

And that’s what was going on with her is the fact that she, she works a very successful job and she’s very good at it. She also has a side hustle, super creative thing that she does and she’s looking at adding on another additional business and and consulting practice part of this. And her family was really they’re just like, you can’t spread yourself that thin. And what I explained to her is, helping them, her family members understand that by not adding that on, she’s actually creating chaos in her in her own life because how her ADHD works and how her brain works, she very much is a problem solver and if her brain doesn’t have problems to solve which would be consulting which would be, you know part of business, part of her work. If she doesn’t have things to process because she is such a high processor and works at such a high speed, if she doesn’t have those things, it’s a nightmare. She creates things to solve. So this is her way of keeping herself constructive and creative and engaged and doing things that help her and help her community, so doing some coaching on that.

It is not uncommon for me to see very high processing clients with neuro diversities that have more than one business and have thriving businesses. It does require delegation and that’s a whole nother topic we’ve talked about before and we’ll visit again. So, sometimes your family can’t always be on board in supporting you in some things. Know that that’s OK. They’ll get on board as they see your success. Do not burn yourself out. That’s not what I’m suggesting. But also recognize if you have a pattern of creating drama and chaos that it might be that you need, um you need more things to get your get mind engaged in to keep yourself productive and healthy.

Thank you and bye now.

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