Neurodiverse Strengths

It’s Dyslexia and ADHD Awareness Month, so I want to celebrate some neurodiverse strengths. Share yours in the comments!


Hey, JoyGenea here. Let’s talk about neurodiversity and let’s talk about some absolutely amazing strengths let’s celebrate those this month that’s what I really want to focus on.

So, one of the greatest strengths that dyslexics can bring to the table is persistence. Typically people with ADHD and Dyslexia- Immensely persistent people have been taught this. It’s ingrained it’s pretty incredible. So, persistence- one of those top gifts. Another great gift is our awareness of our strengths and our weaknesses. We’re aware from an early age for most of us we became aware, “I’m super strong at this and I am not great at that.” Again if you aren’t really clear on some of that, that’s where the coaching can be really really helpful in helping you you know find out and explore those strengths and recognize those weaknesses. #3 on my list by far is we don’t go at things all by ourselves those dyslexics those people with ADHD that are very successful, lead very happy, balanced fulfilling lives they don’t go at this all by themselves they have a team of people all the time, at work at home but they are always part of a cohort, always part of a group. It works better that way. #4 on my list is, tend to know and value their own self-worth. At a pretty high level. So, they recognize that they are different thinkers and that that difference helps other people and is valuable in a room. So that’s pretty profound and needs to definitely be celebrated a whole lot more. Um, #5 they understand their ADHD or their Dyslexia. Like they’ve looked at it. They understand how it plays for their neurology, how it plays out in their life, they get it. They get if they need additional support like they really get how that works out. And, #6 they’re open about their neurology. That’s one thing they’ve really found about highly successful balanced dyslexic ADHD people is that they’re open about it. Um, I know for myself, I sent out an email recently and spelled something, somebody’s email wrong, and it took 3 tries to get that corrected and I just owned it I’m like oh man, this is the fun that it is at times, and I’m really sorry its getting on us as a group and I’m sure we’ll move past it.

So I just really wanna celebrate those strengths this month and we’ll definitely focus on it more but please, if you have a neurodifference remember to celebrate your strengths you are incredible you are persistent you work well in a group smaller groups, maybe not always big groups, but celebrate that. Thanks and there’ll be more to come.

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