Neurodiversity and Food Poll

I have been researching the relationship between neurodiversity and the world of food. Please share your experiences with meal planning, cooking, recipes, groceries, and all things food. I will be making some posts and writing some articles about neurodiversity and food and would love to hear from you!



Hey, JoyGenea here International Neurodiversity Coach.

So, I’m taking a poll. I really want your feedback. Leave comments down below.
I wanna know, do you like to cook? Do you like to meal plan? How do you do at meal planning? If you are neurodiverse, I want your feedback.

I’m going to be working on a variety of posts and some articles on the data I have gathered, but I really wanna hear from you. What’s your feeling about cooking, meal planning, recipes all of that world. Does it create massive anxiety in you? What’s it, what’s food like in your life? Please, share your story. Send me videos. I wanna know.

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