Neurodiversity and Project Breakdown Before A Project Breaks Down

Do you have a project you are working on? Did someone delegate a project to you and you are having a hard time starting it? Maybe there is a simple answer for that.


Hi, I’m JoyGenea, international neurodiversity coach. Today I want to focus on just briefly, project breakdown. So and that’s not where the project breaks down, it’s breaking down the project into steps that you can accomplish So, that’s an executive processing skill. It is not something everybody’s born with, whether you have a neurodiversity or not. I’ve seen that in people without neuro diversities struggle with breaking down a project. Don’t be afraid of that. If you find what I find is a lot of clients don’t even realize that’s what’s holding them back is just project breakdown. Just the ability to say, OK, I need to do this task. How long is it gonna take and what are the steps that I need to do you see the big task and you’re just a little overwhelmed by the whole thing or you’re like just don’t know where to start and thereby the, you know, the Great Avoider avoiding starts. And so we don’t get going on that. That is I call that project breakdown in the fact that it broke down before the project even got started and it didn’t get broke down in the right way into pieces and parts that you can accomplish.

So if you notice yourself doing things like that, if you are a neurodiverse. You have dyslexia, ADHD and you’re finding that you get delegated things or that you need to get things done. You’re like I never, I just have the worst time. That is about project breakdown and needing to make things small. And if you put something, so once you’ve broken it down, if you put something on your task list to do, let’s say e-mail this client and that doesn’t happen, that means the project is still too big and you need to break it down to ‘what do I need to e-mail the client about or what does this subject figure out the subject I need to e-mail the client about?’ Figure out what parts need to be in this e-mail to send out to them. Sometimes you just have to break things down to the most micro level and So what? Don’t make yourself wrong. No shame blame and guilt. Break it down and get and get little get small micro steps done. It feels phenomenal, so don’t beat yourself up. Work on that project aspect.

And by the way, there are some amazing tools out there in AI that can really help you breakdown a project. So I strongly encourage you to go out and find things like goblin tools and stuff like that that can help you break down a project, if you struggle with project breakdown, thanks. Talk to you later.

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