No Bathrobes for Business Video Meetings

Do you have more meetings online via a conference call or online meeting than you used to?  Are working on webinars or online workshops and classes as part of your business? My business is seeing a huge amount of growth in these areas.  I am using these services more for my business and I am helping more clients to implement these services in their own businesses.  For me it is really exciting and fun to learn and integrate these new features into my business.  I do understand that for some people this can be overwhelming and that could cause you to avoid it all together.  I would hate to see you lose money, when there are just a few simple things to know about using these services. JG Secrets to Video Conference Meetings
  1. Three minutes early- be three minutes early for the meeting or call.
  2. Close-Up Time – sit close to the screen. Most of your face should fill the screen.
  3. Lighting – you can go on Amazon and get some cheap lights that can really improve your look on the web camera.
  4. Eye-level – the height of your laptop- don’t be afraid of a riser and using a keyboard and mouse. People do not want to be looking up your nose.
  5. Microphone – either use a microphone are a headset with mic.
  6. NO EATING – Do not eat while doing a web meeting.
  7. Smile you’re on camera – Mute on the phone is not the same as audio mute on a video conference. We can all still see you on the video conference and when you’re eating breakfast, talking to someone else that drops in, or even brushing your hair we still see you.
  8. Engage – nod your head, be looking at the screen and ask questions when it’s time to.
  9. No windows behind you – do not sit with a window right behind you, if you can help it.
  10. Camera is Here – when talking look at the camera more than you look at your screen. You will come across as more earnest and honest.
Bonus tip for women – Don’t wear low cut shirts for your webinar or video meeting.  We all know you have them, it’s very uncomfortable when a woman in a low cut shirt sits down and leans forward not realizing all that we have just seen.  I don’t want to know what color bra you put on today and if you shop at Victoria’s.  Ladies, don’t be this woman. 2018 Recommendations Video Conferencing and phone conferencing Zoom – Go To Meeting – NEW – UberConferencing – Free Conference (Phone only) – Webinar Services (definition of a webinar: a seminar or other presentation that takes place on the Internet, allowing participants in different locations to see and hear the presenter, ask questions, and sometimes answer polls.) Click Meeting – Live Storm – Big Maker – For video meetings right now I use Zoom multiple times a week.  Today, I just did a test drive of Uber Conference with a contractor and we found it to be a very good option.  I would recommend UberConference for meetings where you don’t need as many features.  Zoom is my top recommendation for training, when I need to remote access the client’s computer and walk them through a process or procedure. I have used the Click Meeting and was impressed with what they had to offer.  I have also had clients record a webinar using Zoom and we have hosted it and embedded it on their website. Video continues to expand our freedom of work and allow us to learn, wherever we are.  Be bold and enjoy the new opportunities in communication that video provides.  Not sure all the ways video could work for you, contact me for a free meeting to explore all of the options.

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