Project Avoidance Creep

Project Avoidance Creep is a real thing! When it gets in your way of starting a project, ask for help breaking down the steps.



Hey, JoyGenea here, international neurodiversity coach. Do you ever suffer from project anxiety creep? That is where you get handed a project, task, working on something, and before you know it, you’ve avoided it, but not just at a little level, like a big level. So basically your anxiety has creeped even wider and is now actually causing you to avoid even more things.

I call that project anxiety creep, because quite often in the neurodiverse community, and I hear this all the time from clients they get handed a project, they are supposed to be doing something, and their anxiety gets a hold of it and all of a sudden it’s almost impossible to start it. They try, they try, and they’re really struggling with it, and that is when the anxiety around it creeps into other things and so, we don’t have to tolerate that. What I will tell you is, you can go rescue that project from your anxiety by asking some people to help you break down what are the first steps you need to take in that. And so, I would tell you, when you are handed a project, the very first step you need to do is grab a sheet of paper, grab a notebook, find your computer, use some form of software- I don’t care if it is Trello, Notion, whatever,, some type of way for you to take that project and break it down into steps, and if that is not a natural thing for you to do, or if that is something you are working on and learning more about, you ask somebody else to help you there are also a few amazing tools online with AI that can help you break down a project.

So, that is the most important thing you need to know about project anxiety creep, is the fact that it is very much a thing, and you can rescue your project from that darn anxiety. I am JoyGenea. Thanks for joining me and please check out my other videos. Bye now.

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